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با دیدن این ویدیو اشک تو چشماتون جمع میشه و بیش تر از قبل به پدر و مادرتون احترام می زارین آهنگ این ویدیو با نام دده جان به معنی پدر جان اثر یک خواننده اهل ازبکستان است

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⁣Forex trading’s popularity has grown exponentially in the past decade. The market itself is global, and the opportunities for profit are virtually endless. Most people who learn the basics of forex trading are successful, which is why we’re here to demystify the forex market and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to start trading the market in the next few minutes. You may have never traded before, or you may be a seasoned trader who wants to test out the market to see what the hype is about.

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⁣The same is true for the people who are able to successfully create new technologies. They learn to persist when others would give up, they get up when others would stay down, and they are stronger than they seem. This is not because they were born with some special gene; it is because they have learned to overcome the challenges of creating new technologies. They have learned to live a life of creating.

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⁣What is Kubernetes Cluster used for? This tutorial will go over the basics of Kubernetes cluster. I'll cover what Kubernetes is, what it does, and how to use it with Google Cloud Platform

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⁣Static electricity misconceptions are many, but what is it really? Static electricity is an imbalance of electrons on the surface of any material. It can be created by friction, like rubbing your feet on the carpet after you've walked across a hardwood floor. If this is done with metal, it can create sparks and sometimes even a big sparklers!

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⁣I've put together a list of websites where you can watch free movies online. I'll tell you what the pros and cons are for each one, so you can find the perfect site for you.

1. Crackle - This website is actually owned by Sony Pictures, so it has a lot of movies that are still playing in theaters! There's also TV shows and original programming like Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The downside is that there are commercials, but they

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⁣In this video, I'll show you how to edit a video on your Android phone.
I'll explain what editing is and how it can be useful, as well as share some basics about video editing on Android.
I'll also go through the free apps I use for editing, and show you how to turn a regular clip into a time lapse with smooth transitions using one of these apps.

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⁣ On April 9, 2019, it was announced that Syfy and Amazon have ordered a 10 episode the second season of the series. The season premiered on April 10, 2019, on Syfy and its international networks. It is also the first season to be adapted from the source material. On July 20, 2018, it was announced that Syfy and Amazon have ordered a 10 episode the second season of the series...

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⁣Whenever I crave something sweet, this is one of my go-to recipes. It's quick and simple to make, and it only needs two ingredients. And the best part? It's not just for breakfast! I love to eat it as a snack or dessert.
This recipe is really versatile too, so you can feel free to experiment with substituting different fruits (like blueberries or strawberries) or adding in different spices (like nutmeg). The possibilities are endless! But if you're looking for an easy recipe that's delicious every time, follow these instructions.

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google is the big company that provides cloud computing products with competitive price. it have a very big data center with powerful servers in the world.
free server features:

⁣Intel Xeon 2,2GHz , Disk 120 SSD ,RAM 8G Speed 1G

Login here:
Run command:docker run -p 32769:80 dorowu/ubuntu-desktop-lxde-vnc

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⁣Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is the most widely used cryptocurrency. The name comes from a reference in The Times newspaper that referred to a mysterious digital currency that was a “crypto-currency.” At first, it was just a hobby for Nakamoto, but as the Bitcoin community grew, he decided to turn his hobby into a business.

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⁣The purpose of the Nice Guys Vegan Nutrition Facts How to Succeed is to open the eyes of meat-eaters and meat-eaters about health and nutrition. Meat has been a source of nutrition for a long time, but we will find out what new studies show about the impact on our health of eating red meat and whether we need to change our diet. Is there a need to eat meat and what is our chance? Are we addicted?

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⁣The Amazon marketplace is a great place to sell your products, and it’s also a great place to get your hands on some high-quality, low-cost products that you can resell for a profit. Generally, people think that selling on Amazon requires a lot of money and complicated processes, but the truth is that it doesn’t. In this guide, we’re going to explain how anyone can sell on Amazon. There’s no prior experience needed, no capital needed, and no need to keep a large inventory in order to make good money.

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⁣In this video, I'll walk you through a few ways to make money from your home with YouTube.
I'll show you how to copy and paste videos on YouTube and make money doing it. I'll also show you how to create your own videos and monetize them.

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⁣In this video, we will show you the best free bitcoin mining sites without any investment.
We'll share some of the best places to mine bitcoin as well as teach you how to mine bitcoins on your own without investing any money.