How To Find The Best Film: 10 Tips That Will Help You Choose

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Watching a film can be an emotional experience. You want to have the perfect movie for the mood you’re looking for. However, there are so many options! If you’ve ever struggled to find a film that was..

Where to find the best films


While you can try to watch any film, there are certain times you should watch certain kinds. Here are the best places to go to watch the best films. Here are some places you can check out before you find the best movie.


The best type of film for you


These are the best types of films to choose from:

1. Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies are always a safe bet when it comes to picking a film. They make for a fun night with friends. Just make sure that you like the type of comedy genre and if you prefer it over another.

Pitch Perfect is my favourite romantic comedy, as it has everything: a bunch of young actresses who have absolutely no talent and somehow manage to pull off ridiculous performances, it's light and funny, plus there’s a bit of music in it.

2. Family Movies

Family-friendly films are definitely a safe bet when it comes to choosing a film. These types of films are great to pick if you're stuck on what to watch. You're guaranteed a fun and happy experience.


Choose a genre


You can’t go wrong by choosing a film that is fitting your mood and goals. You need to find a film that is a genre that you enjoy, but which doesn’t scream “samey”. For example, thrillers, action films, and family-friendly movies are all good choices.

Choose a voice

Next, choose a voice to watch the film with. A helpful voice to use is find a narrator who has great rhythm and pitch. (More on that here).

Do you enjoy books on tape or a podcast? Do you like a documentary audiobook or a TED talk or an audiobook of a TED talk? You can really find a great voice for whatever you like by doing this.

Choose a length Some types of films are a little too long for short bursts of time.


Think about what mood you're in


We make movies to feel connected to the story. Sometimes we're in a state of distraction and we choose to watch a movie to get ourselves back into the moment. Before we watch a film, we have to be in the right state of mind to be fully engaged with the plot. Think about what kind of mood you're in and pick a movie to match your need.

Sometimes we've been away from home for a while, so we feel a bit homesick. We feel we need to escape. Pick a feel-good movie to help you get your head back on track.

Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with a lot to do. We want to escape a bit so we pick a movie that has a lot of suspense.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Sometimes we overthink our choices and overthink our moods. Pick a film with a good story and great actors.


Watch movies with people who have similar interests as you


Explore more the different categories and tags

Whether you’re looking for a summer blockbuster or a cinema classic, there’s a list of over 400,000 films that you can search through.

You’ll also find films that fall under the most popular genres like action, comedy, horror and more.

Research some different film festivals that take place worldwide

The Sundance Film Festival takes place in the winter, and hosts premieres, world and North American premieres, awards and other events. There is also Cannes Film Festival which is known for its high-profile films, and the Berlinale Film Festival which is held in the German capital Berlin and hosts the world’s most important documentary film and most noted and popular film festivals in the world.


Watch movies with people who have different interests from you


You don't have to have the same taste in films as your friends. A few months ago, I went to a rave at a rave in the middle of the woods (totally safe). No one wanted to go with me. I ended up having the best time because I had a "cool" crew.

A good way to determine what kind of film to watch is to see what other people are in the mood for. Find friends with different interests, too. Try going to a football game with people who want to watch football. Go to a party with people who like to party and watch movies. It will make your movie experience way more interesting!

Select Movies With Similar Themes

Themes are the things that are common to all movies. The themes in a film can range from loneliness to love, or they can be funny.


The best time to watch a movie


If you want to watch a movie at the perfect time, then wait for the sun to go down (check the date). Dark and windy days are the best time to watch movies because they eliminate distractions and reduce natural light. For example, if you live in a place where it's cold outside or the rain is pouring down, there will be fewer distractions so you'll be able to be more present. You'll be able to focus your attention on the movie and have more clarity of mind. This is also the best time to watch a movie if you're having trouble falling asleep. The low light from the street lights and lack of distractions from outside will help you fall asleep more easily.

The perfect movie to watch on a lazy day:

This is an easy one: Cars.


Where to watch a movie


The key to finding a great film is to watch as many different films as you can. There's no way to know which film is best for you unless you watch a lot of them! So don’t be afraid to watch whatever you like. Once you have a few favourites, try to watch different ones from that list and see what you like best about each one. You might find that a certain type of film is actually very helpful to you, as it gives you different perspectives.


Choose a place that's convenient for your lifestyle


To start, go ahead and choose where you want to watch your film. Is there a cafe near your house that has good food and a nice atmosphere? It's really easy to get distracted when you're sitting in a cafe, so choose one that's not too noisy or busy. Also, ask the restaurant if there's a seat for you. If you’re the only one sitting at the bar, you’re missing out on amazing local food and the interaction with the bartender.

Choose a consistent time to watch your film

We often spend way too much time watching TV and, although it's relaxing, it's not always productive. Choose a time in your week that you know you’ll be able to watch a movie and stick to it.


Pick a place that has the right ambience, whether it's lively or quiet


Who do you want to impress? Who will laugh at the funny parts and be reminded of how much they love you when you watch it?

Which genre do you enjoy watching?

Finally, remember the key to having a great viewing experience is having a great movie selection!

Okay, so which movie do you think will help you feel better? (Or see it a second time, because that's okay!)

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