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Baktash is an Iranian Artist and his song is very beautiful. this music video is about a woman waiting for his love to return home.
song translation:
rain means ...
a person waiting for you
he/she fights with life

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⁣sebnem tovuzlu anam sensiz
با نبودن تو چگونه سر کنم
سال ها تو را از من گرفتند
به خوابم بیا تا ازت بپرسم
دردهایت کم شد مادر....؟

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Mahsa Amini was a 22-year-old Iranian girl who was arrested by the police for not observing the mandatory hijab imposed by the Iranian government on Iranian people. As a result of the beating by the police, she had a brain haemorrhage and died.

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دوری و من دیگه ته دنیام قلبت نوک قله قافه
من که تو زندگیم هیشکی نیست
چه دروغی دارم بگم آخه
این همه دوری نه واسه تو خوبه نه من

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